Daniel Cardoza
BEACON is a global-minded lifestyle guide that explores various themes of contemporary culture, with a focus on art and fashion. In Fall of 2016, I had the opportunity to art direct and design the jewelry issue, Gold Digger, which exhibits pieces from contemporary makers and conceptual work from artists that deconstruct traditional ideas of accessorizing and adornment.

The design of this issue focused on marrying sophistication with street culture, and conveying a sense of structure with paradoxical unpredictability. My efforts established typographic and layout standards for each quarterly issue of the publication thereafter. The content and theme of BEACON shifts with every issue, so a flexible system was intentionally adapted to work in tandem with the culturally-charged work and powerful narratives submitted from artists and makers from around the world. In addition to designing the publication, I created a promotional animation to generate anticipation and excitement for the issue on various social media platforms.