Daniel Cardoza
FORTY FIVE SYMBOLS is a global collaboration and exploration of visual language. In response to the shifting perspectives of the world around us, narratives are communicated through a language of forty-five symbols. In the Fall of 2015, University of Houston Graphic Design Seniors participated in this collaboration, and later held an exhibition, 900, to showcase the work.

Celestine Revelations, my language of forty-five symbols, is based on the novel, The Celestine Prophecy, by James Redfield. The book illuminates the spiritual journey of humanity through sacred insights into our esoteric existence. Juxtaposing the sacrality of geometry with human imperfection, these insights are communicated through the serenity of gestural, yet systematic, brush strokes

900 showcased the work from the University of Houston Graphic Design 2016 Senior class. I designed the logo and was part of creating the identity for the exhibition.