Daniel Cardoza
Giant Leap Coffee is stationed in a co-working space, and serves Houston’s vibrant East End. Myself and colleague, Enrique Garza, were approached by the owners to build an energetic and approachable identity around the name, with inspiration related to the moon landing and space in general.

To subtly position Giant Leap Coffee as a grab-n-go coffee place, the mark was designed by combining the iconic Orion lunar module from the Apollo 11 mission with a traditional, to-go coffee cup. Mark and logotype were created alongside a badge lockup to reference NASA’s mission badges, and use ephemera to show some Texas pride. A graphic standards was established, and a system of iconography related to the moon landing and motion was created to utilize throughout the brand as illustrations and animations. I designed and developed a custom website to be a hub of information about the coffee shop. Lastly, an illustration/frame animation for a neon sign placed in the window was created to entice uncaffeinated passerby to stop by for some stellar pep in their step.