Daniel Cardoza
The Dope Art Show is an event that celebrates the power of art, love and purpose. It brings together individuals who share their passion for art to an audience who find pure joy in the diversity of craft. Hosted quarterly, the show brings together local singers, poets, dancers, and visual artists to produce an evening full of dope performances.

Myself and colleague, Enrique Garza, created identities, and produced promotional videos and digital flyers for use on social media platforms for two of these quarterly shows. Each was approached with the intent of channeling the creative and raw energy of the event through analog means of creating texture and form. This manifested through mark-making, manipulation of inks and liquids and other explorations. Texture and typography for "Farewell Summer" was intended to evoke a sense of warm nostalgia, while "Dreaming of a 90's Christmas" was intended to harken back to the decade of the 90's, naturally.